NEW Invite Contacts Feature Released!

Wednesday 01 February 2017 News The Reseller Network

The Reseller Network have now released the new Invite Contacts feature to enable Merchants & Resellers to invite their contacts to join them on

Merchants can invite their existing Resellers to join and connect on The Reseller Network so they can receive live notification of updates, news and promotions. For Merchants who sell products on The Reseller Network their approved resellers can buy and review products. Merchants also receive 1 Day Free Credit for each new Follower, Interest & Connection which means each reseller that joins and connects earns an extra 1 Day Free Credit. 

Resellers can invite any companies they are already a reseller for and are not yet Merchants on The Reseller Network, so they you can connect with them to receive updates, news and promotions. Resellers can also place orders with their Approved Merchants online via The Reseller Network and review products purchased. Resellers can also invite contacts they think would benefit from joining as Resellers then invite them too.

Inviting your contacts to join as Merchants and Resellers helps to grow The Reseller Network adding even more value for all users so if you haven't already login and try the new Invite Contacts feature now!