Formation Software Integration with DocuWare

Tuesday 22 November 2016 News Stroma Software

We have recently demo’d our New Mobile Data Capture Software, Formation to Xerox, Sharp, Brother, Docuware Partners (to name but a few) who have said it is head and shoulders above the competition. Formation allows you to capture data (text, photos, images videos, voice recordings, barcodes, and signatures) directly into a digital form that will have been specifically developed to service a particular need. It also produces a bespoke output e.g. PDF that contains all the information that different individuals and departments require.  Furthermore Formation 
  • includes date, time and GPS stamp, ·      
    conditional logic that drives the information that is gathered,
  • conditional logic that drives the information that is gathered,
  • any calculations and formulas can be used that can be done in Excel,
  • multiple bespoke outputs for each form,
  • Drag and drop form creation (USP)
  • Integrates into your existing ERP/CRM database (further benefits below)
  • sketch with the drawing tool,
  • Annotate and edit photos on your mobile device or in the office,
  • PAF Postcode validation for UK addresses
  • Benefits of Formation Integration
o   There are a number of key benefits to Formation Software's integrated data mapping technology:
o   Administrators can create secure bi-directional connections between Formation Software and your SQL        and MySQL databases
o   Administrators can map form fields directly to your SQL or MySQL database
o   Administrators can set rules controlling when the database is updated by Formation
o   Allows data from one form to update multiple IT systems simultaneously

The latest Version (4.1) that is to be released on the 5th of December will have full integration with DocuWare and any completed forms that are uploaded to DocuWare are stored using their Intelligent Indexing Service and can then be  treated in the same way that any document, that is uploaded to DocuWare.