Approach Franchising with Confidence

Monday 14 November 2016 News CNA International

On the 3rd of November Gavin Chase Franchise Development Partner was invited by British Franchise Association to give his view from a franchisor perspective on what a franchisor is looking for in franchisees and why he believes franchising is a good option?CNA International has been offering franchises to people for 20 years and from their experience one of the most important questions that everyone who wants to cross this path should be asking is, “do I understand what I am offering as a franchise and in what I am investing as a franchisee?”Gavin Chase comments: “We understand that starting a business can be a challenge and we are here to offer our ongoing support to help you succeed but first you need to be honest and open from the start as to what you are looking to achieve out of a business investment!”“Remember. Owning a franchise is not a licence to print money but it will provide the processes and methodologies and experienced support to ensure a greater chance of success!”To find out more about starting your own business click here. ,