4th November is World Paper Free day

Wednesday 02 November 2016 News Stroma Software

World Paper Free Day is an annual campaign launched by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) that aims to reduce the amount of paper generated by people in their everyday work and personal life.

AIIM are a non-profit organisation that sets standards, initiates market research and provides education and certification for information professionals. It launched World Paper Free Day to raise awareness of the huge amount of paper that is used unnecessarily with the aim of promoting paperless technologies.

World Paper Free Day is celebrated on the 4th November 2016. On this day, businesses and people are encouraged to stop using paper for one day only to realise the benefits of becoming less reliant on it. World Paper Free Day isn’t just about switching off the printers, it’s about working smarter, decreasing the paper entry points, and improving your processes.

According to research, the average office worker uses about four dozen sheets of paper per day, of which about half is considered waste. Despite all modern technology, a lot of businesses still have traditional-based data capture systems which require considerable space, equipment and maintenance. AIIM encourages such businesses to participate in World Paper Free Day to appreciate the benefits of a paperless office.

Going paperless helps businesses save space and money, boosts productivity and keeps information more secure while also making sharing it easier. Moreover, a paperless office can be an enormous benefit to the environment: the less paper we use, fewer trees are chopped down to make it.

With mobile digital data capture from Formation, allows your business to recreate the paper forms and documents you use on a daily basis in a digital format. Instead of paperwork, your field based or mobile operatives will use our Formation Mobile solution to collect data efficiently and simply on their Apple or Android device. Formation Mobile keeps your data safe on the mobile device before transferring it in real time to your back office for secure data storage in the cloud.

Use Formation Software to capture and share data throughout your business. It connects mobile workers to office workers, field to back office - with a secure and reliable flow of business critical data.

Did you know that 47% of employees say there is a lack of management initiatives in their organisation to move away from paper – make sure you aren’t one of them and find out how you can become a Paper-Free Hero! Make the change today for good for a greener, more efficient future.

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