Formation Version 4 release

Wednesday 26 October 2016 News Stroma Software

Version 4 Updates

On Monday 26 September 2016, Stroma Software released Formation version 4. The release of Formation Version 4 brings a multitude of new features to provide more functionality to streamline business processes. Android users will receive the latest version directly via the Play Store and iOS users will be able to download it from the Apple App Store.

New User Permissions

Additional User Permissions have been added to aid the management of what your users can do within Formation. By default, all current users will be granted full permission to the following options.

Group Permissions

A common request from users has been to introduce Group Permissions. These have now been implemented, removing the need to set identical permissions on a user-by-user basis. Group Permissions can be accessed via User Management.

Automatically Set Form Status

The ability to set a user define status in Formation has been available since the release of Version 2. This has always been a manual process but we have now introduced the ability to set the status of a Filled in Form automatically based on the values entered into the form.Once you have set the rules to be applied to a certain form, Formation will then check these rules every time the Form is submitted and use these to set the Form Status.

Email Templates

Formation now allows you to set up multiple email templates against each form. These templates can merge information from the Filled in Form into the body of the email. In addition, Formation can be set up so that specific email templates are triggered automatically when the Filled in Form is set to a specific status.

Delete Form Instances

Another commonly requested function is to allow users to delete Filled in Forms. We have added this feature to the Create or View Filled Forms section. Users must be granted permission to delete Filled in Forms under the User Management section before they will get the Delete button on the menu ribbon.

New Form Design Features - Summary Fields

Summary Fields, both Text and Numeric, have been enhanced to allow them to reference information anywhere in the form. Previous Summary Fields were limited to fields only displayed in that specific section of the form meaning you could not see values held in sub forms. In Version 4, you can now reference any field including those that are in a sub form or when in the sub form a value held in the main form. Please note that before the Summary Fields can see values held in Sub Forms, the Form Design needs to be saved.

Database Integration

Formation has introduced a new Database Integration module to Version 4. The Database module allows you to connect your Formation Software directly to any SQL or MySQL database. Once the module is deployed, you can map fields from your form design to any database and control when data is written to them.

Data Sets have also been introduced to Version 4. A Data Set allows you to select data held in your SQL and MySQL based system and syncronise it down to your mobile users. The Data Sets can then be used whilst your users are working offline.

System Requirements: Database Integration requires an IIS Web Server running. Net V4 with connectivity to the target database servers.

If you have any further queries regarding the release of Formation Version 4, or would like to discuss Formation Software for your business, call our team on 0845 621 1111 ext.287