Riding the waves of success in Singapore

Tuesday 30 August 2016 News CNA International

CNA International Executive Search continues to expand and provides global support to businesses in search for greater talents and skills. Within a few months apart CNA managed to open 2 offices in Singapore and we continue to grow worldwide!
Singapore is a cosmopolitan country at the crossroads of Asia where people from the region feel right at home and those from beyond feel welcome. In fact, one in three persons here comes from abroad, constantly adding to the nation's unique heritage blend. Today, the population is a rich mix of different cultures, lifestyles and religions – co-existing harmoniously. This provides a dynamic business environment, providing plenty of work opportunities locally and overseas.
Iris Tan Senior Partner Singapore specialises in Investments and Hospitality Industry. She has always been passionate about operational and business development. For over 20 years, she has had the privilege of working with some major international organisations and corporate stakeholders. In recent years, Iris felt inspired to share her knowledge as a business consultant, guiding leaders and organisations in restructuring, investment, financial advice and business growth. She has been involved in some major projects in several industries, including banking, investments and finance, consumer products and manufacturing, education and training.
Iris Tan Senior Partner Singapore comments: “It was really stressful thinking about starting my own business, getting in touch with CNA International I found out that starting your own business doesn’t necessary mean that I am on my own!” 
“I know that the key factor of success is aligning the right people with right positions. In my role with CNA International I am committed to help to achieve successful outcomes every time”
William Lye Senior Partner Singapore specialises in Supply Chain & Logistics industry. He joined CNA International 2 months ago in June 2016 with his team of 2 consultants Kaycee Lye and Ron Koh. He graduated with honors in business administration from a liberal arts college in the United States. He has a high level of expertise in supply chain management and Lean Sigma program mainly in the high technology industry. He managed global end to end logistics and 3PL partners. With his tenacity and zeal for the industry, he constantly strives for cost-competitive and efficient business models.William has successfully influenced business executives from an array of background, culture and industries in building sustainable partnership. He understands key challenges in accomplishing supply chain excellence and strategic talent management, especially in talent selection and recruitment for progressive organisations.
William Lye comments:” It gives peace of mind knowing that you have people by your side supporting you in what you do! Being part of a large organisation was what I needed to start off with. Let’s see what the journey will bring us!”
CNA International Executive Search has been in operation as an executive search company for over 20 years after being founded in 1993. Since 1993 CNA has gone from strength to strength and we now have 48 offices across the UK and Europe including 11 offices across the CEE & CIS region. 
To find out more about CNA International give us a call on: +44(0)1676 822 222