5 Commandments of the latest Volume update

Wednesday 06 July 2016 News Watermark Technologies

The world of technology is constantly developing, but one thing we can be sure of is that the future is digital. According to search engine, Google, there are a phenomenal amount of searches related to document management every month.
Last month found 14,500 unique searches for ‘document management software’ and 18,000 searches on the phrase ‘document management system’ highlighting the demand to go paperless and to embrace the digital office.Watermark Technologies recognises the need for a system to be efficient, easy to use and replicate existing office processes. This said, it is also important to review and enhance the software as technology develops, industry requirements change and customers’ demands progress.
Research shows that throughout the UK a large number of businesses have no desire to run a paperless office by 2020;  it could be suggested that this is due to the fact that they have not yet found a system that meets their requirements. With this in mind, Volume is constantly being developed by a team of in-house experts to ensure that the system meets the requirements of almost any industry.

1. Adding colour to tabs
Increase efficiency 
and ease of use with easier identification.
Adding colour to tabs.

2. Positioning templates in a file
Increase flexibility by choosing where you would like to position a template. Previously a template could only be added to the right/back of an existing structure, now it can be added to the left or right (front or back).

3. Moving tabs between files
Increase flexibility by being able to move complete sections of one file to another, to accommodate a client's change in circumstance or a replacement file being created. 

4. Row locking
Additional compliance control with the ability to fix structures. Existing boxes can be fixed within a file when created manually or via a template.

5. Mouse auto scroll 
Ease of use when moving between rows.