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Wednesday 18 May 2016 News Watermark Technologies

The world’s gone digital; investing in a system that provides secure, anytime, anywhere access to your documents is an increasing priority to businesses of any size. This improves staff efficiency and accelerates customer approvals through the use of electronic signatures.

All employees who have 6 months’ service with a business can now put in a request for flexible working. This could mean moving from traditional office hours or days and choosing to work from home. There have been significant developments in technology over the last decade which have led to employees no longer needing to be chained to a deskbound computer in order to be productive!

Childcare is a consideration for many parents having an effect on working hours and annual leave with other people’s biggest concern being lengthy morning commutes. According to the Office for National Statistics 96% of adults aged 16 to 24 accessed the internet “on the go” in 2015, compared with only 29% of those aged 65 years and over. This supports evidence that businesses must adapt the way they work in order to support flexible working as well as prepare for the next generation of the workforce. Volumeremote has been designed to allow instantaneous anytime access to documents from any web-enabled laptop, PC or mobile device using the power of Volume combined with the versatility of the Cloud.
We have made continuous investments in our document management software, ensuring our products remain at the cutting edge of technology to deliver paperless office solutions. New and existing customers are increasingly choosing our remote option.

Watch the video below to see a snapshot of how Volumeremote could transform your business.

PLAY VIDEO: On the Go with Volume

The video below gives an overview of the different options available to you with Volume.

PLAY VIDEO: Local, Cloud and Global Solutions with Volume

Best practice demands that staff are mobile, your information accessible and secure, and your systems flexible. Moving with the times isn’t just about removing archaic machines and practices - it’s about transforming the way your business communicates.
We moved to Volumeremote over a year ago and now we would not be without it. We have been using Volume for a long time, it is a reliable system which is great value, I can highly recommend it.
- ALAN MORAN, Managing Director, Interface Financial Planning

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