Aloe Gel 100ml

Aloe Gel 100ml
Manufacturer : Outback Organics
Min Order : 200
Max Order : 10000
Net Unit Price : £3.50
Total Price : £700.00
RRP : £11.00
Profit Per Unit £ : £7.50
Profit Margin % : 68.18%

Our newest member of the family is our Aloe Vera Gel. This refreshing, easily absorbed gel is formulated with powerful plant extracts to cool and calm the skin after all forms of temporary and permanent hair removal (including electrolysis and laser). Natural aloe vera is infused with oat beta glucan to reduce redness and sensitivity, while also conditioning the skin and is suitable for use anywhere on the face or body. It’s great in hot weather and to calm sunburn or prickly heat and great for men who prefer gels to creams.