African black soap - Alata Samina Big bar

Handmade item Weight: 175 g Materials: unrefined shea butter, palm kernel, cocoa butter, water, plantain skin, cocoa pod ash, virgin coconut oil
Manufacturer : Shea Healing
Min Order : 100
Max Order : 10000

This is a pure natural soap made without any chemicals - no artificial additives, no sls, parabens etc. no colourants and fragrance free. It is made using traditional methods in the African way using unrefined shea butter, palm oil and cocoa pods. The result is a soap which is gentle and moisturising, making it ideal for those with dry sensitive skin.

This is a firm bar which offers maximum hydration with an exfoliating texture. It can help those dealing with eczema, psoriasis, acne and blemishes, oily skin, dry skin and other skin conditions such as rashes and even ringworm.

Even though this soap is unscented, it has a mild 'clean' smell and a rich creamy lather leaving your skin luxuriously soft.

Suitable for vegans and never tested on animals.

This is a product of Ghana, West Africa.

£1.50 per bar.

We sell in bulk, please discuss with us, we can make to your requirements.