2in1 White Coffee and Creamer

For that honey caramelic coffee indulgence, our 3in1 Brown Sugar White Coffee delivers the robust caramel richness of brown sugar, giving it a mesmerizing aroma with its deep and rich flavor. Net Wt.: 375g, 25g x 15 Sachets
Manufacturer : Super Group
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000

Authentic taste for today’s coffee lovers- Charcoal Roasted White Coffee range is inspired by the traditional coffeeshop culture in Ipoh, Malaysia in the 19th century. Super’s roasting and blending techniques, faithfully capture the aroma and buttery characteristics of this classic brew to give you a coffee experience that will remind you of what you love about life. Indulge in its smooth, creamy and full flavored taste while relishing in the perfect harmony of premium Robusta and Arabica freeze-dried coffee, this nostalgic coffee flavor will bring coffee aficionados back to the goodness of time.