Metrics for Measuring Employee Engagement

Wednesday 17 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

In as much as employers want to know how satisfied their employees are with their work and the company they are working for, it is even more so important that business owners and managers measure employee engagement.While employee satisfaction is simply an indicator of how “okay” one is with the company they work for and the work they do, employee engagement is about how loyal and committed they are. An engaged employee is more than a satisfied employee. He or she is enthusiastic about his or he...

Five Best Desktop Publishing Programs for Newsletters

Wednesday 17 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

The best software for newsletters available in the market can be pricey, complicated and may features that limit how you want your newsletter to look. However, if you do a little bit more digging, there are desktop publishing programs out there that can be suited for any type and any size of business.The following are five desktop publishing programs that you can opt for based on your budget, required features and operating system:Microsoft Publisher 2016Considered as an entry-level desktop publ...

Features of a Corporate Wallpaper

Wednesday 10 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

A corporate desktop wallpaper software is a good investment for any company as it helps in the creation of wallpapers that can be utilized as another mode of communication between management and staff. Not only can you highlight your company values and branding through wallpapers, but you can also further communication, productivity and employee morale and engagement.Here are some of the features of a corporate wallpaper that businesses of any size or industry may find useful:1. You can publish ...

Corporate Communication Strategies That Work

Wednesday 10 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

When communication in the workplace is smooth and effective, the workforce feels a decrease in friction and resentment, and employees tend to feel more engaged and inspired. This then means that coming up with a plan to make sure that communication is as open and efficient as possible should be an organization’s top priority. After all, good communication is a pre-requisite of success.Some companies go through shifts that make them re-evaluate the way they communicate with their employees. If yo...

Corporate Communication Tools for Any Business

Tuesday 09 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

Technology has streamlined communication in the workplace like never before. While email still continues to persist in organizations today, this tool isn’t considered as the most modern. While email has its limits, newer corporate communication tools have proven to provide more limitless features that further communication between employers, managers and staff members.Some of the more common tools used today include:1. Desktop alert systems. While email is certainly an efficient communicati...

Creating More Engaging Internal Newsletters

Tuesday 09 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

A company internal newsletter isn’t just a simple and traditional means to communicate with employees. The said platform is a proven way to educate, entertain and inspire staff members. Through the years, companies have consistently looked for ways to make newsletters more appealing, dynamic and interactive – with a good number of them creating versions for their intranet, and integrating the use of attractive visuals, audio and video.Aside from content that informs employees about the activitie...

Deciding on a Mass Notification System Provider

Monday 08 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

A general term that includes both emergency and non-emergency communications, mass notification aims to improve communications within an organization, while protecting the lives of employees at the same time by providing information regarding emergencies and what they should do. The utilization of mass notification systems not only improves communication, but also lowers costs and increases productivity and revenues.Do remember, however, that not all systems are created equal. Systems being offe...

Ideas for Your Internal Company Newsletter

Friday 05 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

Your internal company newsletter is one of your organization’s most important communication platforms. However, in as much as you know that the newsletter is an effective means of communicating with employees and boosting morale and camaraderie, you are also running out of interesting and thought-provoking content. This is especially true if you’ve been distributing a newsletter regularly for some time now, and aren’t even sure if people actually take to heart what they read.If you’re out of ide...

Successful show at BETT 2016!

Thursday 28 July 2016 News Digimania Limited

We had a brilliant trade show and were overwhelmed by the response by the response to Muvizu Education. Since the show we have been busy following up the many leads we received and setting up meetings over the coming months.

Award Winning Muvizu

Thursday 28 July 2016 News Digimania Limited

We are thrilled to announce our recent award winning success in Shanghai! Muvizu, or rather Man Xiang Jai - walked away from the PSPE show (Popular Science Products Expo) with best new product, best value product and popular booth award! We are so pleased that Muvizu was celebrated and recognised in such highly competitive categories. The PSPE show is dedicated to the science industry. Its key aim is to promote and celebrate the science industry and to engage the general public in n...

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