Formation Software shortlisted for Agile award

Wednesday 05 October 2016 News Stroma Software

Formation Software has been shortlisted in the 2015 Agile Awards for Best Use of Agile Outside of IT. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on 12 November 2015.The Agile Awards recognise the top Agile talent and offer awards in 16 categories. Amongst the other nominees are practitioners and senior leaders who exemplify characteristics of conviction, passion, and courage. Formation Software has been recognised for its adoption of the Agile discipline.Formation Software was develop...

360 degree video output

Tuesday 04 October 2016 News Digimania Limited

In addition to our new virtual reality add-on, the 360 video pack is another perfect compliment to Muvizu!  Create stunning immersive experiences today!

The world's first animation app in VR!

Sunday 10 April 2016 News Digimania Limited

As you may know, we launched our Oculus experience expansion pack recently and so far the feedback has been very encouraging. As a result of it's popularity, we desperately need to appoint new resellers specialising in tech, 3D or educational software. Veronica from Go Media Academy was one of the first people to tweet their appreciation.'I'm shocked at the VR package you now have. I just can't believe it! I've been waiting on something like this for a long time! And the fact that youn...

PowerFocus® Rated Best Reviewed on

Wednesday 21 September 2016 News Brainpower Nootropics Ltd

We recently achieved Best Rated on (highest percentage of 5 star reviews rather than highest number of overall reviews).

Techcrunch - Dapulse closes $7.6M Series A for its project management SaaS

Thursday 15 September 2016 News dapulse

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Dapulse has come a long way since it was an internal communications tool at website builder 2012, the startup raised a $1.5 million seed round so it could be spun out as a company in its own right.And today, having morphed into a full fledged project management SaaS, Dapulse is announcing the closing of $7.6 million in Series A funding.The round — of which $2.6 million appears to have disclosed a little under than a year ago — is be...

Repwarn - Online Reputation Management - What are people saying about you?

Wednesday 31 August 2016 News Genius Wi-Fi

Repwarn - Online Reputation ManagementGenius Wifi supply Repwarn online reputation management software, we focus on protecting businesses and their reputations online as there is some pretty nasty comments that's being said.Repwarn is designed to monitor your business’s digital profile, searching Google, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else on the web to let you know what people are saying about you.It is a risk protection service really, as there have been businesses that have lost t...

Riding the waves of success in Singapore

Tuesday 30 August 2016 News CNA International

CNA International Executive Search continues to expand and provides global support to businesses in search for greater talents and skills. Within a few months apart CNA managed to open 2 offices in Singapore and we continue to grow worldwide!Singapore is a cosmopolitan country at the crossroads of Asia where people from the region feel right at home and those from beyond feel welcome. In fact, one in three persons here comes from abroad, constantly adding to the nation's unique heritage blend. T...

Tips for Creating an HR Communications Strategy

Monday 29 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

Creating written an HR communications strategy aids the human resources department set priorities, define their audiences as well as objectives, and helps you get sponsorship for the initiatives that you plan on developing.Communication usually includes all messages sent through print or email, job descriptions, training presentations, reports, legal documents and others. Information can also be more efficiently disseminated via a website which all company staff members can access when they need...

What Makes Up an Effective Communications Plan?

Monday 29 August 2016 News DESKALERTS

A corporate communications plan is a description of what a business is seeking to accomplish with the messages and information it wants to send out. It includes a list of goals and objectives, the tools needed in order to produce and develop the plan, as well as its intended audience and recipients. There is also information regarding how the information will be shared and disseminated, where it will be distributed, who will be in charge of managing the information, and where records gathered wi...

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