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We are NCR, a global consumer transactions tech company, making more than 600 million #transactions possible every day. #Financial #Retail #Travel #Hospitality.

Stroma Software

Stroma Software provides software solutions focused on the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) market. Our Formation Software product allows organisations from any industry to create digital forms for data collection on a mobile device. We are now looking ...


The $100Bn Global opportunity to sell Cloud Services to your customers available at You can use the full featured interactive demo at our website! About The Company Trivaeo specializes in the development of cloud based business ...

1st Man 1st Woman

1st Man - 1st Woman is a UK based underwear and swimwear brand that designs high quality garments with a vintage edgy feel with modern fabrications. Based on the theme of the first man on earth, Adam, from the Biblical story of ‘Adam and Eve’, the...


We're looking for Resellers to sell Social Media software & management to businesses. Resellers EARN UP TO FOUR HUNDRED EACH & EVERY MONTH PER EACH CLIENT they sign up and keep up to 100% of what they sell! SocialXpand helps businesses...

Jagadi Couture

Jagadi Haute Couture was established in Cape Town and has become a brand that is recognised for its true passion and creative design influence in all areas of fashion.

Blue Aura

Blue Aura is a manufacturer and marketer of award winning audio system and accessories. Blue Aura's team of audio engineers has 30 years of audio experience crafting high-performance wireless and wireless ready sound systems at a strong consumer ...

Windsor Telecom

Since 1999 we have led the market with our innovative inbound Call Handling products, alongside the largest selection of memorable and geographic phone numbers. Our pedigree is unquestionable with nearly 20 years’ experience, more than 30 employees a...

We are looking for Resellers to partner with, in hopes of helping clients find solutions to meet their financial needs and challenges. Unsecured Personal Loans & Small Business Loans

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